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Name:DWN 012 Quickman

Character Name: DWN012 Quick Man

Place of Origin: Classic Mega Man universe

Height: 5'1"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Quick Boomerangs: small sized cutting boomerangs which are thrown at high speeds then return. Can also make large, five foot ones as well.
Elemental Sword: received as a party favor, this sword can switch between a flaming variety, a freezing blade, or an electrical blade.

MetalGarurumon's Blue Digizoid Armor: armor that tailors its appearance to the user equipping it. While it has no weaponry of its own, it provides a modest amount of extra defense, and increases the user's speed by 40%.

Other: Quick Man is the self proclaimed fastest bot ever built. And he is very fast, easily faster then the speed of sound, which lets him do such things like run over water, up buildings, and even dodge lightning. But this comes at the price of not being able to stay still for long amounts of time. Or even short amounts of time. In fact, staying still can physically hurt him - making his main weakness Flash Man's Time Stopper.

Quick dislikes slow things and gets bored easily. Another thing that can be blamed on this speed. The world around him is so slow in comparison, that anything moving slower really gets on his nerves - like turtles. It also means there's a lack of things going on to keep him entertained. But he's made the most of living like this and makes his own fun, going off on odd adventures, even if it's likely to put him in harm's way.

And the only one he can convince to follow him on these excursions is his best buddy, Crash Man. Crash means a ton to him. So much so that, though he normally tries to keep it on the low when he likes someone, he doesn't care if others know. They're a team, best buds, and Quick wouldn't trade him for the world. However, the more affectionate the gesture, the more he'll hope no one is watching. He's still a killer Wilybot after all!

Digimon: Dracomon
Name: N/A

Last Update: 6/4/12
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